Community Programs

Have you ever wondered, “How can I make my community better?” While individuals certainly can do great things on their own, Knights of Columbus members, coming together as one through their council, have accomplished great things in our communities. Councils that conduct Community Activity programs are positively shaping their communities by addressing the needs of its citizens.

Featured Program — Habitat for Humanity:   Knights of Columbus councils have addressed one of the most basic human needs — shelter — for nearly two decades by partnering with Habitat for Humanity.

Featured Program — Global Wheelchair Mission:  Since 2003, Knights of Columbus councils have worked with the Global Wheelchair Mission to deliver more than 40,000 wheelchairs to people in need throughout the world. Through the Knights of Columbus’ participation with the Global Wheelchair Mission, a wheelchair that would normally cost more than $500 can be delivered for $150. Shipped in quantities of 100 to 280 wheelchairs per container, the wheelchairs are delivered directly from the factory at no cost to the recipients.

Additional Community Activity Programs:   Veterans support, Columbian Foundationhelping those with intellectual disabilities, Second Responders.